Week 3 part 2

Business list The business name Randy Speckman Designs CMG Creative Design Studio Hahn Design Studio ETS Productions Indigo Post
Their website url
All the social media they are visibly using [links on their website] Rand Speckman Designs Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn CMG Creative  No links to social media on website Hahn Design Studio Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus ETS Productions  Facebook, Instagram

Week 3 Part 1

Have you ever experienced difficulty communicating with a business?     No I usually communicate with business on email sites mostly on Google’s gmail.
For freelance design jobs I communicate with clients on email. At a few occasions I communicate in direct message
on Instagram. The times I have difficulty with a business is that they reply vague replies for designs they want like
“Get creative on the logo” They want something for their buisness and they don't even know what they want.
I also don’t hear from them for a week, one time not at all only a few months latter after I scrapped their project.

Does social media make it easier to get noticed or get your problem solved?    Depends on the problem and what to get noticed for. Twitter for example if a person has a complaint at a
restaurant they might post it  on twitter an it might get fixed. If the tweet gets traction and retweets they might get
noticed by the company. The issue might get resolved or it might not. I have a lin…

Week Two Part 2

Week Two Part 1

Which social media platforms seem geared towards personal use? Why do you think so?     The platforms that I believe this works well for personal use will be Slack and Linkedin. These sites help the individual on job hunting and build a network. The other will help the individual at a company. The Department will use a communication app so all personal in that specific department can communicate with one another easily.     Slack is a good app for a company to use. For example when I was in the Media Arts and Technologies class Advance Design. The professors of that class told us that slack is a good way to communicate with our assigned team members for client design projects we will work on. Slack was useful so I can go on one team I was in and communicate with them on project due dates, design critiques and revisions. It is a useful app for company use like a tech firm or other companies that are team and department oriented.   Linkedin was a good way to find a job and help to get noti…

CSIT 155 Week One

Hello my name is Jordan Loera and it's a pleasure to meet you all. For my choice on choosing this template is cause of the color choice and design in the background. I wanted my blog to represent me so I made a design. It's my first using blogger so lets begin on why I choose this template.
  Lets start with the background design. I made this for a project for my Indesign class. I made a space background with a planet and a moon, on the planet I wanted to make it other worldly and added a giant colorful planet. I added three big stars to add a mystery or a consolation feel.
 The color choice I made for is colorful. Since space is pitch black at times so I added dark purple. I added a few cosmic looking designs like celestial clouds. I made the stars white since stars are mostly white in color.

Here is the full image