Week 17 Final Post

What my experience for this class is that I learned a lot during this very hectic semester. I learn how to run a social media page for a company and how much studying and training goes into when running a business social media page. I get to see the cool side on running a few. For example I learn what google analytics was and it opened something new. I learned what parts of a bushiness page is important for a audience. Like a YouTube page or a twitter page that has fun jokes like this Tweet.    I wasn't that interactive since I had problems with work. Other classmates had a great ideas for their fictional and non fictional business. My favorite Company was Rebel Rose Designs. The site has good deals and it comes in cute packages. Glad I got one for a Christmas gift Idea I am making. Viewingeveryone social media page is pretty cool I get a glimpse of what they like and see how they help their business grow. The coolest twitter accounts are the Margarita Man account and Shade Appare…

Week 14

For my Ads I made my own so here are the designs.

week 13

Find 5 businesses similar to yours  (large to small) and study the social advertising they use. In your opinion does their advertising seem effective? Beads Crystals and More:   Beads Crystals and More their advertising seems minimal and a little effective. For a small business they could do more then post less than once a month. I like how their add attract you with beautiful designs and fun photos but they should have more post about deals and lest posts about meme’s. They post mostly on Facebook and Instagram. They post on those sites less than monthly and there most recent post is about how they are closed on labor day. Kinder Journeys:     They are a unique small business that sells crystals and other accessories but they really push the spiritual therapy. The post on Instagram and Facebook frequently, they post about fun quotes from guru’s and also new products. It seems effective and its good they have a good pr…

Week 12

We live in a world that everything is connected and people are always on their phones. Due the convenience of having the internet on the go. Many companies are using mobile friendly websites for their companies. They also have a presence on social media for example Instagram. Instagram has a new feature that is called the shop section in the explore page. You can see products and see how much they are on the view products tag on the post.    Since my fictional company has a physical store and a social media presence I can integrate the Instagram shop feature. I can rely a little bit on for good reviews but I’m a little put off with it since online trolls, competition and crazy teenagers can send bad reviews for the company. Linkedin is a perfect way to find new employees and see what the competition is like. Google maps is good to have site location available for all to locate.    I created a Linkedin page for I looked up groups and found groups in the yog…

Week 11

How often to send out newsletters and emails for a business. I believe the perfect time to send one  is when you are having a holiday sale or  getting the email of a first time buyer. Getting the email of a first time buy is good on building a relationship with the customer. If you send a welcome email that has a small promotion, the costumer will most likely to comeback cause the costumer knows they are appreciated when they bought something and now they have a coupon they can use when they return to the business.

   The holidays are coming up and the perfect time is in early November and late October. People start holiday shopping around these times and the perfect time for sending out emails to costumers. The business can also give out real life forms so they can add the costumers to their email list. Some businesses for example Big 5 Sporting goods have slips that the costumer can sign and the cashier or sales associate can enter manually to the company computer or kiosk and it …

Week 10

For success stories on I can think of is a new type of entertainment and also counts as a business. The people who post videos on Youtube. They all come from all walks of life and they gain a huge audience. They started out as people who worked at poorly run part time jobs and some cant even work at all found success on Youtube.     They have a online shop that they sell products. Most of the time they will promote other companies like the website building company, and They all have beginnings and story videos called Draw My Life explaining how they came to be. In other words their own success story. I have a few links that I believe is my personal best and great example of this topic.
Shannon Gurman: Shgurr Draw my life link: Note: I may get depressing and dark cause she comes from a dark background. She talks about suicude so there is a trigger warning.
Mark Edward Fischbach: Markiplier Draw my life link:…

Week 9

Which search words you used to find your connections? Did you have to play around with more than one key term to start seeing the right results? Who did you end up finding?
   Since my fictional business focus on other type of products like rock climbing and yoga. Search key terms was easy at first. But when I was searching by using the words crystal and gemstones shows different people who has a name that ends with gemstone and a lot of girls and one guy named crystal. My top two searches that has a connection to my fictional business is a account that tweets about how crystals can heal people and how pretty they look. The account called @CrystalTalkit is a fun account. The other account is called @earthselements1. They are  located all over San Diego county.
What lists did you create and why? How does creating a list onTwitterhelp you stay organized or reach a goal?   I just created a simple classmate lists. I don't know if I can do that but I also want to see what others did to the…